Catherine McKenna

Your member of parliament for

Ottawa Centre

Catherine McKenna

Your member of parliament for

Ottawa Centre



My team and I are hard at work meeting with constituents, holding public consultations, and working with our partners to deliver on our Government’s priorities. I regularly issue updates on our progress by sending out newsletters, contributing to community newspapers, and through social media.  Below is an archive of my publications.

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Community Newspaper Columns

Glebe Report

Gearing up for Canada’s Big Year (June 2017)

Getting Young People Good Jobs (April 2017)

Back on the hill (October 2016)

A summer of connecting and leading (August 2016)

Welcome Syrian refugees (May 2016)

Not for the faint of heart – Climate change and more (January 2016)

Mainstreeter (serving Old Ottawa East)

Making Ottawa the Greenest Capital in the World (June 2017)

Fall Update (October 2016)

May, 2016

Newswest (serving the Kitchissippi area)

Community Unity (March 16, 2017)

Green energy combats climate change (June 23rd, 2016)

The Canal, the climate, and the NCC (May 26th, 2016)

Volunteers build communities. (April14th, 2016)

Refugee goals met. (March 17th, 2016)

Changes in the wind. (February 18th, 2016)

OSCAR (serving Old Ottawa South)

Connecting with Nature: World Environment Day (July 2017)

Constituency Updates (October 2016)

Riding Updates (September 2016)

Constituency Update (July-August 2016)

Ottawa Centre Updates (June 2016)

Ottawa Centre News (May 2016)

Spring Update (April 2016)

Update from the Hill (March 2016)

Happy New Year! (February 2016)

Interviews and Articles